“Old v young framing – what’s good for ‘them’ is bad for ‘us’ – is shortsighted and ill-informed for countless reasons. Olders are not ‘them’, they are us: our parents, our neighbors, our friends, and it is grotesque to suggest that our interests are inherently opposed. Fully a third of social security recipients are young people. Class, race and gender all predict voting behavior far more accurately than age does. Families are inherently multigenerational. All of us were young, and everyone is old or future old. It makes far more sense to bridge this contrived divide than to succumb to prejudice against our own future selves.

Above all, old v young framing plays right into the hands of the forces and institutions that also benefit from racial, gender and economic inequality. It is critically important to see the headlines that blame climate change or our kleptocratic Congress on ‘old people’ for what they are: a distraction from the underlying social and economic issues that affect the entire 99%. Income inequality does not discriminate by age.”
from Tacoma DSA http://bit.ly/2CvGMNo