“If our lack of power is why I’ll support the Bernie campaign, it’s also why—once I’ve submitted this article—I’m not going to think or do much about it for a while. Our attention should be focused on growing the Left rather than expecting another high-profile campaign by a celebrity politician to do it for us. So when you’re done reading this, go dig up your Bernie 2016 swag and put it on, if that gives you inspiration—that’s why there’s still a Bernie lawn sign in front of my house.

Then go organize your workplace, phone bank for your local leftist candidate, or get more involved in your local DSA, Black Lives Matter, or other local grassroots organizing project. This keeps our movement growing between election cycles and lays the groundwork for a movement that wields power in and out of government. It’s by doing that—not by arguing about a presidential election more than two years away—that we avoid what none of us wants: debating whether the only way to recover from Trump’s second term is Bernie 2024.”
from Tacoma DSA http://bit.ly/2FwbZSl