The United Electrical Workers’s (UE) Peter Knowlton tells it how it is:

“The recent column by Scot Leigh on primary voters and a Medicare-for-all “litmus test” for candidates is the same tired corporate line working people have gotten for decades. Fortunately, it is one that no longer holds up to the weight of scrutiny or common sense.

Recent polls show that 84 percent of Democrats and 52 percent of Republicans now support Medicare for all. Thanks to decades of dedicated work by thousands of people, efforts of unions such as National Nurses United, and the 2016 presidential primary campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders, the landscape has changed.

Saying to candidates, and to the Democratic Party, that you risk losing your race or hurt your chances of beating Donald Trump in 2020 if you don’t support Medicare for all is not a litmus test. It is the truth.”

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from Tacoma DSA