“I thank you for what you’re doing, because without y’all, they will privatize everything. They’ll privatize every single thing and you’ll have to have a credit card for each lesson you get. And what’s stopping that is not just that the people in charge have good hearts. A lot of them may have good hearts. But it doesn’t have to do with what’s in people’s hearts. It’s not a personality thing. It’s a function, it’s how this system works. And this system is about profit, as you probably all know. They will, little by little, take away all the funding that’s happening there. And no matter how great of a person gets there in office, they’re not going to be able to do all the things to fight for people that they say they’re gonna do if there’s not a real fight going on. So y’all shutting it down is how it happens, and so thank you.”
from Tacoma DSA https://ift.tt/2GMNHVz