“You can consider me tier three, which they call ‘in progression.’ It takes me eight years to max out, and my max rate is $25. But we are in the same building, doing the exact same work. At these other buildings, they’re all in the same building, doing the same work, with the same pay scale. But not here. There are different pay scales that go all the way down to the temps, and if you take them all, there are four tiers. We’re still not considered one whole union, like we’re not all equal.

It’s just not a good contract. You can say you want the ratification bonus, yeah, they’re giving us $11,000, they’re giving the temps $4,500, just to sign the contract. That’s a one-time deal. That’s just not good enough. I don’t even want to look at that. If you take that out of the equation, the rest of the contract is lousy.”
from Tacoma DSA https://ift.tt/33GKcra